26 November 2008

Sunglasses sharing

I was dropping off a car (#15) this evening and fumbling for the overhead light switch when I mistakenly opened the sunglasses holder. Inside I found a pair of sunglasses. Usually this would entail a lost-and-found report and taking the item back to the office, except I then found a note. It read:

HOURCAR shared sunglasses. Left in the car on purpose.

We all know how great it is to share cars, but one of our members is taking it to another level. We at HOURCAR try to foster a sense of community, but that means noting unless the community helps us out. Of course, it seems you are all succeeding at that. So, kudos!

(And if anyone wants to leave sunglasses in other cars, with this type of note, we're all for it!)

By the way, we kind of want to know who left these here. If the member in question wants to email us (info@hourcar.org), go for it. If you want to remain anonymous, that's fine too. But no matter, you're awesome.

1 comment:

xtimmyx said...

along that same note, i used the Stevens Square car a few weeks back and there was a cd of Henry Mancini - Mancini's Greatest Hits and it was labeled 'for car #whatever'.
that's such a great idea! i had forgotten stuff to listen to so it was awesome of whoever thought to do it. i'm actually putting together a couple of cd's to leave in other cars i use.